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  • We named our wines with traditional names of North Evia, in order to showcase the love of our country
  • We respect tradition and grow old local Vradiano varieties Kartioti and local Asproudes, resurrected after painstaking and long effort.
  • We believe that it doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, but why you do it.



Ellopia White

Bright colors, clear yellow with green hues, the white wine Ellopia is a great choice for those who love Roditis and Grenache Blanc varieties.

The vinification in stainless steel tanks with controlled low temperature, results in the emergence of green apple aromas, pepper and fond vine shoots. Leaving for a long aromatic aftertaste.

Ellopia Red

The characteristic ruby color of our red Ellopia, is due to the classic red vinification lasting 14 days, at a controlled temperature. We age our wined in oak barrels for 12 months, which highlights the cherry, strawberry and vanilla flavor.

Its moderate acidity and soft tannins, is due to the Limnionas, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties.

Kamares Red

Vradiano, Cabernet Sauvignion and Merlot, are the varieties that make up this exceptional wine with ruby color. The 12-month aging in oak barrels gives it balanced acidity, soft tannins and fatty body with long elegant aftertaste, making it the perfect choice for red meats with rich red sauces and spicy cheeses.

Kamares White

From the varieties of Prorogo grape, Assyrtiko and Asprousa, we created Kamares White. Its color is light transparent, with greenish sheens and the intense aroma of tropical fruits, flowers, and lemons.

The alcoholic fermentation is performed at a controlled low temperature of 14ο C in stainless steel tanks, gives it a balanced mouth and long aftertaste.

You can combine it with extremely pastes with white sauce, mushrooms, white meat and seafood.


Paste from figs

The fig is a high nutritional value, as it is produced by the unique figs of North Evia region, which belong to the “Smyrna” variety. It contains mountain tea extract, sugar and lemon juice

You can serve with bread for breakfast or as a dessert