The Vineyard

Our wines are vinified from grapes of our own production exclusively from our own vineyards, an area of 70 acres. This enables us to have full control of the raw material till the final step of bottling.

Grow indigenous varieties in the Northern Evia that tended to disappear from the map and through our persistent efforts that began before 1989, we were able to revive them.

The red varieties Vradiano and Kartsiotis and white Asproudes is the basis on which we relied, which together with other Greek varieties Limniona, Roditis and Assyrtiko are the backbone of vinification of our wines.

The international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Blanc and Merlot complement our vineyard.


Our region is mentioned by Homer as Polystafyllos Istiea, meaning viticulture and in ancient times it was the main occupation of the people and this is not the only confirmation of the above. In the most ancient coins of Istiaia that have been found in excavations, depicted the god Dionysus and the grapes.

In modern history after 1821 Evia was not released, but was sold by royal order.

Our area was bought by a French landowner and Kamaria village where is located and the winery was a whole vineyard. The wines produced at the testimony of grandparents, carried them with carts in Kanatadika, the port of Istiaia and exported by sea to France.

In the late 19th century the manor was sold to local residents, which continued until the 1960s when the area was devastated by phylloxera and this resulted to stop being a viticulture. Few vines were saved by these old native varieties: Vradiano, Kartsiotis and Asproudes, which we identified, and revived after several years and formed the basis of our vineyard.